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Warning: NSFW; I reblog/post what I want, and a lot of that would be yaoi. ;) So follow at your own risk.

One of my favorite scenes ever in all the animes I’ve watched:

Momiji: But there’s something I believe. I want to live my life, carrying my memories with me. Even if those memories are painful, even if those memories do nothing but hurt me…Even those memories I wish I could forget…As long as I keep carrying them with me, and don’t run away from them, someday…someday, I believe I will get to the point where I’m not oppressed by those memories. That’s what I want to believe. I’d like to think that there’s not a single memory that I have which would be okay to forget. That’s why I didn’t really want Mama to forget about me. I really didn’t. But, that would have been selfish of me, so…it’s a secret.
Tohru: *crying, runs over and hugs Momiji, obviously causing him to transform*
Me too! I believe it!
No matter the memory, I want to be sure to hold it to my heart, and go on believing. I’d like to think that there isn’t a single memory that would be okay for me to forget, and I believe that someday…someday, I will become someone who isn’t oppressed by them, and they will become precious memories to me…I believe it…

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